Weezer, Sell Outs?

There’s sell outs and sell outs. Right?

It’s great for a band to sell out a show! That’s always a positive thing.

Sometimes a band sells out in a different way. Putting their song in a commercial or on a soundtrack. You do what you can right? The music industry is rough and some of these bands make no money. So getting you song in a commercial or soundtrack is good. If you want them to keep making music they got to make money, especially when bands don’t have any. It still is about “hearing” the music.

It gets disgusting when a band like Kiss will basically sell anything to be associated with their likeness or image (cause who the hell would care about the music!)

This brings me to Weezer.

If you haven’t heard, Weezer have named their new album, “Hurley”. 

oops, wrong Hurley

The real album cover graces the picture of the Lost character “Hurley”, Jorge Garcia. A bit of Lost promotion.

Weezer's Hurley

Then in an interview Brian Bell said the that the clothing company, Hurley, paid them to name it that. Bell later retracted the statement.

But singer/guitarist Rivers Cuomo insists the band did not sell out: “Our guitar player Brian [Bell] got his wires crossed. We have a clothing line coming out with Hurley and we played a show for the clothing company. So in an interview Brian said the company paid for us to have our album called Hurley. Later he went back and made a retraction and said it wasn’t true which it’s not. It is called that because it has Hurley, the character from Lost, on the cover. So categorically we have not sold out, we are still the band we always were. If we had done that we would tell you.”

Oh thank you Rivers! That clarifies everything. What idiots would believe that Weezer would sell out. They didn’t sell out because they would tell everyone, duh! They have a clothing line coming out on Hurley though, but that couldn’t be more of a coincidence.

Would you mind telling everyone if you are just out to make some cash.

Along those lines Weezer are also considering touring off of their two (only good) albums, “blue album” and “Pinkerton”.

Rivers tell us more: “We may do a special tour where we focus on [1996’s] Pinkerton and [1994’s] Blue” albums and play those albums in their entirety, because it’s feeling like that’s what the fans want to try. They will be in smaller venues and I think it’s going to be fun for everyone.”

That sounds like fun. I think the band should wear their new clothing line on stage as well. Try it out. Maybe sell the clothing line and shows, along with the Weezer snuggie, that’s right!

That's a good price, right?

It’s not what you think, Rivers would tell you if Weezer sells out. Check back frequently for any updates like “Weezer sells out” or “Weezer’s latest clothing line”

Who wouldn't wear that!


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  1. i’ll forgive them if they play the pinkerton and blue album shows

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